April 18, 2011

Oldies Japanese sweets; Michael

In Yomitan, one old style Japanese sweet, not like current popular Tokyo sweets. I think quality is pretty good based on Okinawa standard and price is cheap as usual in Okinawa.

I like eclair (160 JPN Yen) in this shop. Base on web information, cream puff seems to be famous, though. Too big for me and wife.

and dry fruit pound cake. (0ne slice is around 100 JPN Yen)

The shop is in front of police station near Kanehide in Yomitan. You can easily find the shop pink flag and sign.

Name: Michael

TEL: 098-958-4111

Yomitan Namihira 1622-3


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Ootoya (typical Japanese food, not Okinawa food)

Ootoya is Japanese chain restaurant, main office is in Tokyo. Food quality is pretty good. If you want to try traditional Japanese meal, Ootoya is one of the best choice in Okinawa. Okinawa food is bit different from typical Japanese meal. If you get tired to Goya champuru and Okinawa soba, you should go Ootoya. You can order traditional Japanese meal, like Tonkatsu, or grilled fish. or Udon noodle.

The closest one from Onna village is in Yomitan Aeon town. Starbucks coffee is next to Ootoya, so you can enjoy coffee after meal.


沖縄県 中頭郡読谷村字古堅740 イオン読谷ショッピングセンター
Yomitan Furugen 740 Aeon Yomitan shopping mall


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April 4, 2011

Cute sweets shop in Yomitan [CLOSED]

[Unfortunately CLOSED]
I've heard there is nice and cute sweets shop in Yomitan.
Last weekend finally we visited. Sweets shop name is 'Sobe Lab.'
Very small shop in the 1st floor of resident apt.

My wife and I were so excited when we saw the entrance. Looks cute, kawaii.
The female owner seems to manage shop by herself. There is one small table. You can eat and chat in the shop as well, but we took out cakes to home.

Cakes are not fancy but we feel very sophisticated and taste good. I repeat it again.

Name: Sobe Lab(楚辺喫茶研究室)
Address:読谷村字楚辺1058 T-18 (Yomitan Sobe)


Hour:12:00-19:00 (L.O 18:30) 

Holiday: Tue and Wed.

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New Ramen Noodle near Chibana Clinic

I found new Ramen Noodle restaurant near Chibana clinic, named Togen (桃源).
I ordered salt&shrimp soup Ramen Noodle. I liked it. If you prefer non-oily noodle, this Noodle is for you. Soup is a bit fishy for non-japanese, I think.

Next time, I would like to try つけ麺(Tsuke men), Dipping noodle.

Name:桃源(Tou gen)
Address:沖縄市松本1-2-16 (Okinawa city Matsumoto)
Holiday: Non

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