December 31, 2010


If you want to eat burgers, here is one option at Sunabe.
ground beef grilled at charcoal oven. Smell nice and taste good. Volume is enough even after surfing.

Price is from 650 JPN Yen, including french fry and soup. Not soda.

We ordered Chili burger (900 JPN Yen)

and Cheese burger (750 JPN Yen)

Counter as well. You can visit by yourself. Furniture etc is oldies USA.

GORDIE’S (ゴーディーズ)


沖縄県中頭郡北谷町字砂辺100-530 (Chatan sunabe)



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December 24, 2010

Yachi mun Ichi (やちむん市)

Yomitan village is famous for Yachi-mun (pottery).

2 or 3 times per year We have Yachi-mun Ichi (Pottery bazaar).
Pottery shops around Yomitan gather and sell their pottery. You can find some discount pottery and expensive ones.

Each artist has different design and color.
Big benefit of this bazaar is you can see each pottery design together. You don't need to drive each shop separately.
We can find favorite one, and when my friends visit Okinawa, we can take them to this shop directly.

Here is pottery center in yomitan.
Yomitan pottery village (You can visit 5-6 pottery shops. My recommendation is the first right one,named Tsuhe Hide Touki (常秀陶器工房)
沖縄県中頭郡読谷村字座喜味2748(Zakimi 2748)

読谷村共同販売センター (pottery center)
〒904-0301 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村字座喜味2723−1
(yomitan zakimi 2723-1)

This time we bought from this shop
Name: Issui gama (一翠窯)
Yomitan Senaha 1048-1

Jiji cafe

Nice, and cozy cafe in Okinawa city.

Nice food (1000 JPN Yen for lunch, including drink)
I ordered risotto. tasty.

One table space has kids toy and books. Nice for family.

Bit difficult to park but staff can help parking for us. Nice.

Jiji Cafe web site

Name:jiji cafe (ジジ カフェ)
TEL: 098-987-7515

Kitanagakusuku, simabukuro 1422-3

Hour: 11:30-24:00


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December 20, 2010

Healthy Bento Order & Delivery from Jan!!

We are happy to announce we can order and deliver Zen's healthy bento (600 JPN Yen) on every 2nd Friday and 4th Friday.
Zen's web site is

This delivery will start from Jan 14th, 2011
As the first order,
You can order thought the following online.

Here is more detail
Delivery date:
2nd and 4th Friday (Around 10am at the package reception room)

Monday 5pm of those Friday weeks

600 JPN Yen (rice and 6 vegetables and 1 main (fish or meat))

The way to order:
Through URL from mailing list.

You have to put your money to the envelope at the package reception room (B floor) by 3pm Thursday.

If you don't subscribe this, please send email to

November 4, 2010

SOLA - Italian restaurant

Here are some pictures from an italian restaurant.

Lunch menu:
780 JPN Yen for pasta, bread and coffee.
1260 JPN Yen for appetizer, pasta, bread, dessert and coffee. We ordered this one.

We all were satisfied with the volume and quality of food.
Restaurant is close to Nishihara IC. Easy to visit.

A nice first plate with tasty appetizers.

Different kind of pasta, the creamy sauce is good.

Bread, good and usefull to finish the sauce of the pasta !

A very nice desert, "Café gourmand" french style !

うちなーイタリアンSOLA (Uchina Italian SOLA)

Ginowan ganeko 4-790-4



October 31, 2010

Ramen Noodle, Musou at Ginowan

If you like spicy noodle, 坦々麺 (Tantan men) in Okinawa, 無双(Muso) is one spot to eat good one in the middle of Okinawa.

This shop's Tantan men is bit sour in addition to spicy and creamy from sesame.

I think it is worth to drive 20min from Mihama area.

Name:ラーメン工場 無双 (Ramen Kozyou Musou)

TEL :098-890-0858
Address: 宜野湾市宇地泊734 (Ginowan Uchidomari)
No holiday

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October 30, 2010

Le pattisier Jyo-gi

It is not easy to find good cake store in North or middle of Okinawa. Often I went to go south to check out Sweets.

Le Patissier Yog-gi is one of few good patestory in Okinawa.
When you go to 新都心(Shin toshin; new capital), you should stop by and pick up sweets. I didn't buy 新都心ロール(Shin toshin Role). Size of this role is huge!

Name:Le patissier jyo-gi (ル パティシエ ジョーギ)


那覇市安謝2-3-10 (Naha city, Aja)

Open Hour:10:00~20:30
Holiday: 4th Wed.

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October 5, 2010

Local restaurant in Toya's fishing port

If you want to eat fresh sea food and nice and cheap, here is place to go.

Local fish Sashimi Plate 1000 JPN yen

Seafood Don 1000 JPN Yen

Fish soup and Rice 600 JPN Yen

You can order the other Tuna Don(マグロ丼) around 500 JPN Yen and 天ぷら(Fried fish, squeed, or see weed. 50 JPN Yen each)

Of course, You can buy local fish. If you want to see the fish auction, go to Toya fishing port around 10 am. Almost everyday fish auction is held. Comparing to Tokyo Tsukiji fish auction, very small but still fun to see. Sometimes bycatched sea turtle is on the boat as well.

Name:いゆの店(Iyu no mise)
TEL: 098-956-3774

Address: 読谷村字都屋33 (Yomitan Toya)
Hour: 10am - 6pm

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October 3, 2010

New Bakery in Yomitan. Suien

New bakery opened in Yomitain, named 水円(Suien).

Owner used to worked at Munakata dou, famous bakery shop in Ginowan.
Main breads are hard bread, no danish bread.

Place is near Zakimi castle, and very quiet area. Owner couples renovated old Okinawa house for this bakery shop. We saw many furniture and kitchen stuff in old japanese day.

You can follow the following sign to get there.

Name: 水円 (Suien)
TEL :098-958-3239

Address: 読谷村字座喜味367 (Yomitan Zakimi)
Open Hour:10:30~19:00

Holiday: Wed, Thu

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September 17, 2010

Chinese in Okinawa 1

There are fewer Chinese restaurant in the middle and north of Okinawa than I thought. My friend recommended a couple of Chinese restaurants near Onna-son village.

東洋飯店 Toyo Hanten (北谷 Chatan)
孔雀楼 Kujyaku Rou (宜野湾 Ginowan)
龍鳳聚 RyuHouShu (石川 Ishikawa)

Today I went to the first one in the list, 東洋飯店 Toyo Hanten. This restaurant is located among road 58, little bit north of Mihama. So you can't miss this restaurant. We visited there during lunch time. Cost around 900-1200 JPN Yen. All lunch time menu includes salad bar, drink bar and fruit. There are Tatami space as well.

I ordered Beef noodle. Good but bit oily. Taste and spice were pretty similar with what I ate in Taiwan. (牛肉麺) I like it.

Name 東洋飯店 北谷店
Address 904-0112 沖縄県北谷町浜川8-5 (Chatan Hamakawa)
TEL 098-936-4026


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September 5, 2010

Ima cafe

I'm looking for good cafe (like Masoho in Onnna) around Yomitan area. I didn't find good one yet. But I found good one near Koza Area, named Ima Cafe.

Good atmosphere, good drink(around 400 JPN Yen) and sweets, and good lunch menu(around 1000 JPN Yen).
I visited after lunch. I just tasted drink and sweets. Fresh baked cake was pretty good. I will try lunch menu (hamburg steak or daily special).

Name: ima cafe (イマ カフェ)

TEL :098-989-1534

Address: 沖縄市上地3-2-26 Aー3 (Okinawa city Uechi)
Open Hour: 11:30~21:00(L.O.20:00)
Monday Close.

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Campus Cafe update

Our survey results were reported to cafe owner and manager. Menu price and volume will be considered but probably price won't change a lot.

Cafe manager plans to install electric oven for baking cookies, bread and some sweets.

Furniture for campus cafe will be ready around the end of Sep. Tables will be delivered around Sep 17 and chairs will be delivered around Sep 21st.

Here is some sample photos of tables and chairs. Better than current temporary ones!?

August 19, 2010

Goat soup at Nanzan

What' the most famous and unique Okinawan food?
It's absolutely goat soup.

Some people told me that goat soup is too strong smell and taste, so you might not like it..... but that was not true.
If you want to eat yummy goat soup, just go to Nanzan (南山) in Kitanakagusuku.
It is important to use very fresh goat for good goat soup.
A goat soup lover who took me there said Nanzan is the best goat food restaurant in Okinawa and they always use only fresh goat.
You can get also goat sashimi and stir fried goat blood.

I'll try goat soup soba next time!

Nanzan (南山)
1391-2, Shimabukuro, kitanakagusuku, Okinawa
Tel: 098-932-3736
Open hours: 11:30-23:00
Holiday: Mon

August 18, 2010

Boulangerie Zazou

Small bakery in koza, gate street. Small counter table is available to drink coffee and tea with bread.

I bought apple danish and hard bread. Apple danish is quite good size and good ratio of apple and danish. And price is not expensive.
Hard bread is very hard (Of course), and I like it as well.

I plan to discover small shop near gate street. There seems to be a lot of small shop and interesting old stores near gate street.

Name:Zazou (ザズー)
TEL: 098-934-2380

Address:沖縄市中央2-15-1(Okinawa city chuou)

Open Hours:10:00~19:00

August 17, 2010

Macaron (マカロン)

This is not a Cafe information, but just to introduce one of the sweet.

One of our friend brought Macaron back from Tokyo.

Macaron is a French sweet which became really popular in Japan lately.

As you can see from the pictures, it's a bite size small, really cute and really sweet!

You probably can't find this anywhere in Okinawa, so if you want to try one, find someone who is going to Tokyo!!

August 12, 2010

Tasty Scone in Ginowan

I got gift from my friend.
Famous tasty scone from Jardan in Ginowan, Okinawa.

I tasted scone with cheese.
This scone is Not too sweet and not too buttery. Very mild. Small piece of cheese match scone itself.
Normally I need drink when I eat scone in US, because too buttery. But this scone wasn't.

The sister store opened recently in Urazoe. This store focuss on french sweets?. We should check out this bakery as well. (ドウジェーム・ジャン)

TEL: 098-890-3736

Address: 宜野湾市大山3-23-1 メイキャッスル1F (Ginowan Ooyama3-23-1 main castle 1st floor)
Open Hour: 10:00-20:00
Holiday: Sunday

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August 10, 2010

Okinawa soba with ocean view

Between Kadena and Yomitan, there is one Okinawa soba shop with ocean view. Nakamura Soba is quite popular in Onna village, but if you want to eat noodle in the quiet place with your partner, this is pretty nice place. Shop atmosphere is more like cafe rather than soba shop.

Price is 600 JPN Yen for normal size. For me, pretty enough size. For female, small size (400 JPN Yen) might be good.
Noodle itself is straight and soup is OK. little bit salty for me.

Unfortunately, rainy day. It should be better view.

This is the sign from outside.

Shop Name: 海が見えるそば家 (うみがみえるそばや)
Umiga mieru Sobaya. Soba shop where you can see the ocean.

Address:嘉手納町水釜6-25-13(Kadena mizugama)
Open Hour:11:00~18:00
Holiday: Monday

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August 5, 2010

Masoho's bento

Every Thursday, Cafe Masoho comes to campus and sell their healthy bento for us.

Here is yesterday's menu. Lunch box is 500 JPN yen. When I was there, those are already sold out. Thai curry, curry, and Taco rice are 550 JPN Yen. English muffin sandwich is 250 JPN Yen.
Some researchers are waiting on Thursday to buy their healthy bento box. One staff member bought Thai curry and sandwich together. This action tells us how tasty those are. And if food is tasty, people come and buy them.

July 31, 2010

Boulangerie Otonari Ya at Yomitan

I gradually introduce cafes, restaurants, and bakeries around here.

As first bakery, I'm grad to introduce my favorite bakery 'Otonari Ya', which means my neighborhood in Japanese.
Young couple manage this small bakery shop.
This bakery has hard bread, 30%? rye breads, french baquettes and Danishes. I like Danishes at Pan de Kaito in Nago, but the others I like at this bakery.

Here are photos.

読谷村瀬名波633-2(yomitan senaha) ZIP:904-0325
Open Hour: 10:00am-
Holiday: Thursday and Sunday

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