July 31, 2010

Boulangerie Otonari Ya at Yomitan

I gradually introduce cafes, restaurants, and bakeries around here.

As first bakery, I'm grad to introduce my favorite bakery 'Otonari Ya', which means my neighborhood in Japanese.
Young couple manage this small bakery shop.
This bakery has hard bread, 30%? rye breads, french baquettes and Danishes. I like Danishes at Pan de Kaito in Nago, but the others I like at this bakery.

Here are photos.

読谷村瀬名波633-2(yomitan senaha) ZIP:904-0325
Open Hour: 10:00am-
Holiday: Thursday and Sunday

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  1. From the map it looks like this bakery is very close to one of my favorite cafes, called Zen. I will try the bakery next time I go to Zen.

  2. Yes pretty close to Zen. it takes 2 mins drive toward Zanpa cape.

    If you like Zen, you might like 'Tianda--'. I 'll introduce this restaurant later.

  3. One of the secretary told me about this place the other day and it's really close to my apartment.
    Will stop by soon....

  4. Yes, pretty close to your place. You can walk to this bakery.