June 12, 2011

Napoli Pizza place Pizzeria Il Piccolino [CLOSED]

[Unfortunately CLOSED]
In Onna village, it is not easy to find non tourist place and non okinawa food.
Pizzeria Il Piccolino serves nice Napolli Pizza with affordable price.

Probably in Tokyo we have to pay more than 1500 JPN Yen for pizza, but 1000 JPN Yen with drink, salad, and dessert in Piccolino. Yes this is Okinawa price.

Pizza Margarita Simple is the best

You can see the oven.

Restaurant is bit back side(mountain side) of 58. It is easy to miss. Drive slowly before moon beach. It was back of McDonald, but no McDonald now, only empty flat space.

Pizzeria Il Piccolino


沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字前兼久149 (Onnna maeganeku 149)




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June 8, 2011

Kitone Ichi

One of excited local event is 'Kitone Ichi' in Yomitan area. Kitone Ichi is held three times a year (Spring, summer, and fall)and kind of local bazaar or local crafts and food market(but few farmer's product). Mainly you can buy local crafts and local cafe food, mostly healthy and organic etc.

I can see a lot of Hippie style okinawa local people, so I felt I 'm in somewhere San Francisco.

You can see information in the URL, but Japanese. Probably you can see advertise paper in Masoho cafe one or two week before Kitone ichi is held.

Last time Kitone Ichi was held in Zappa cape park.

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Nice cafe near Mihama, Seaside cafe by TAKAYA

I'm looking for nice cafe space near Mihama area, and one of my friends recommended SeaSide cafe. The location is little bit south of Mihama JUSCO area. Back side of main road around Mihama and in front of the ocean. Nice and quiet area.

We ordered today's special, lasagna, and cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich(bread is Baguette).
Both are great taste and enough volume.

I believe price is around 1000 JPN Yen, including drink.
People use computer, so it might be WiFi available.

Name: Seaside Cafe by TAKAYA
Telephone: 098-989-5208
Address: 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北前1-16-9 (chyatan cho kitamae 1-16-9)
OPEN: 9am -9pm
Holiday: Tue.


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