December 3, 2011

Kitchen Furuya near Maeda Cape

If you want to eat heavy french style lunch but you don't want to pay a lot at hotel, Kitchen furuya is the best option near Maeda cape. Price is around 1000-1200JPN Yen. and you can enjoy food as well. Sheff owner runs this small restaurant by himself. It bit difficult to find this restaurant because location is not at main road 6, you have to drive the small street and the restaurant sign was broken on the way to there.

We ordered beef stroganoff and fish course. Both includes salad, rice/bread and sweats with coffee/tea. Course menu includes small pasta with local veg. Of course, beef stroganoff and main fish were good. I liked sweets (Pannacotta) as well.
For us, taste is bit heavy and oily. we can't go to Furuya every week, but definitely we will repeat here.

Space is not big. Table is bit higher than normal. So not kids friendly.

Okinawa soba near 3A main city at Naha new capital

It's not easy to find good restaurant near Naha new capital area.
One of my recommendation is the Udon and Tempura shop. Good quality of Tempura.

Here is the other restaurant, good for family. Free noodle for kids and free rice(Ju-cy-) during lunch time.

Restaurant outside (building )itself is prefabricated house, you can usual see at the contraction field. It looks old, weird, and not clean. But inside is clean and taste is good. Waiters are all smile and good attitude. I feel good atmosphere even this is the first time.

Here is outside

Inside is clean and you can see alot of famous signatures.

Soup is very clear, and not oily. not salty. I like this kind of clear and smooth style of Okinawa soba. It similar to 'Miyoya' in Kidana.
Noodle was served afeter 2 min we ordered. very quick.

Free ju-cy(rice) and kid noodle is good for family. and price is very reasonable (500-700JPN Yen).

Name: Kenba- no Subaya けんぱーのすばやー

TEL: 098-869-9281
Address: 沖縄県那覇市おもろまち4-9-11 (Naha city Omoromachi 4-9-11)

Hour: 11:00-19:00

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November 25, 2011

Cafe Aura near Cape Maeda

New cafe is opened near Cape Maeda. Nice Open space and nice music. Dog friendly as well.

The pasta lunch is around 1000 JPN Yen, you can choose the pasta from 3 kinds. Including soup, salad, bread and coffee.

We ordered the tomato based pasta. Taste nice, but we need a bit volume. We'll order the large portion next time.

We love the space and music, you can see the small mangroves in front of the cafe. I didn't check WiFi availability but if available, we will stop by for cafe time as well next time.

Name:cafe aura (カフェ アウラ)
TEL: 098-989-9001
沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字真栄田2253-3 (Onnna Maeda 2253-3)

Hour: 12:00-22:30(Sun till 19:00)
Holiday: Monday

Map is here.

A bit luxury supermarket 'My kitchen'

If you get bored to go to the typical supermarket, like 3A or Max Value, in Okinawa, You should try 'My kithcen' near Outlet mall in Naha. 'My kitchen' seems to be organized by the department store, Okinawa Mitsukoshi. You can find a bit different and luxury food grocery there. We stop by this supermarket after shopping the outlet mall. We are always exited and enjoy there.
PS. The Ashibina outlet mall seems to be renovated and more stores are coming on Dec.

Name: My kitchen, by Mitukoshi.
Address: 沖縄県豊見城市字豊崎1-411 (Tomigusuku city toyosaki 1-411)
Hour: AM10時-PM10時

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November 1, 2011

Smoothies and Scone at Nishihara

One weekend we enjoyed driving near Ryukyu University at Nishihara. We tried to find nice cafe for lunch without any information. Finally, we found the sign of 'Cafe' and decided to stop by.

After we entered this cafe, we realized this cafe is scone shop, not for lunch. Well, we ate sweets and smoothies before lunch. Sometimes opposite order might be fine. Customers continuously come in the shop and ordered scones. Very famous scone shop in Nishihara local. And I totally understood cheap and tasty scones in this shop. and we loved smoothies as well.

After this sweets, we went to Italian restaurant sola, pretty closed from this cafe.

Name: cafe nicoli (カフェ ニコリ)


沖縄県宜野湾市我如古3-4-6 (Ginowan city, Ganeko)

Hours: 11:00-19:30

Holiday:Third and Fourth Monday

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Orion Beer festa

This is nice summer event in Okinawa. Local music for free and cheap draft beer (300 JPN Yen) and junk food. We made a line to get good tables from 3pm and Festa starts from 4pm. We enjoyed until 9pm with beer and music.

October 8, 2011

Beer in Okinawa

Beer in Okinawa is dominated by Orion beer, typical Japanese lager beer. Light, smooth and not strong hop taste. Good summer beer and good combination with Japanese fishy meal. Price is around 200 JPN Yen, same as the other major Japanese beer companies, Kirin and Asahi.

If you want to get cheap beer, you can get different tax category beer, called Happoshu.

Bit expensive and popular beer is Yebisu beer. When you are international flight to Japan, probably you can see most Japanese business men order Yebisu beer instead of Kirin and Asahi.

There are few local small brewery in Okinawa. Probably most famous one is 石垣島ビール Ishigaki island Beer.

If you miss Pale Ale beer in Japan, Yona Yona Ale might be famous. You can order it from amazon or the other online.

October 3, 2011

Charcoal Grill Matsui

New restaurant opened at Yomitan, next to my favorite bakery, Otonari-ya.

Restaurant name is Matsui Ryoriten. Main menu is charcoal grilled steak and hamburg steak. We went there during lunch time. Price is around 800 JPN Yen to 1000 JPN Yen, including ice cream and coffee as dessert. Cheap and food quality is good. They have pasta and doria/gratin 500 JPN Yen, like typical Japanese 洋食屋(youshoku ya), old style of western food.

150 gram steak set, 1200 JPN Yen. If you are big eater, probably not enough. For me enough.

Hamburg steak 200g, 850 JPN Yen

Here is lunch menu

We'll definitely repeat Matsui R. again to taste the other menu.

Name: Matsui Ryoriten

TEL: 098-958-0704

沖縄県読谷村瀬名波633-2 (Yomitan senaha 633-2)

Hour: 12:00-14:00, 18:00-23:00

Holiday: Mon

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September 2, 2011

Muffin and role in Okinawa city

My friend introduced me new sweets shop in Okinawa city. We stop by after we went to Gushikaw JUSCO. Shop name is Happy Berry.

Muffin and role are main sweets. 5 or 6 kinds of Muffin. Price is arond 350 JPN Yen. Good size and seasonal fruits is inside. Small Muffin is around 200 JPN Yen.

Name: Happy Berry
Address: うるま市高江洲786-5 (urumas city Takaesu 786-5)
Hour: 10:30-20:00
Holiday: Sun

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Thai food in Okinawa City

We went to thai restaurant in Okinawa City. I would like to introduce here, named Aridoi!

Waiter brought spices after we ordered food. This style is pretty following what we had in Thailand.

We order Pattai and chicken fried rice which my son wants to eat.
Pattai taste is not that sweet in normal US Thai restaurant.
Pretty good authentic taste and I like it. Volume of food is also enough for us.

Fried rice. Well, this is pretty normal.

Price is around 1000 JPN Yen for lunch, including free drink and soup.

Definitely we 'll repeat and order curry and the other menu next time.

Name: Aridoi
アリドイ タイレストラン


Address: Okinawa city takahara 4-19-1



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August 25, 2011

Okinawa noodle and pork katsu

In summer time, famous okinawa noodle shops are crowded by tourist during Lunch time. I don't want to wait for lunch. Miyo Ya is one choice. Not famous and not crowded, but tasty. Actually we repeated several times last two months. If you like non-oily soup for noodle, this is one choice for you. (Bansho tei is the other choice.)

I ordered Pork katsu set, including noodle, rice, and pork Katsu. around 700 JPN Yen. Cheap!

Inside is pretty clean and new.

Name: Miyo ya

Address:沖縄県中頭郡嘉手納町嘉手納463-13 (Kadena cho Kadena 463-13)

Holiday: Tue

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Cucina itarian Upuraya for lunch.

We went to Sunabe area for lunch. Restaurant name is Upuraya, located at one road ocean side from 58, near Kokutai road.

Lunch set is around 1000 -2000 JPN Yen, including appetizer buffet and main dish. This time we select pasta as main dishes.

I think appetizer is bit weird. Mixed Japanese, Korean food, and salad bar although restaurant is Italian. And apettizer quality is not good. Looks like pre-cooked staff. However, pasta quality is pretty good. I and my wife enjoyed pasta very much. I saw fish dishes for the other customer. And looks good as well.
We 'll try again this restaurant and order fish dish as main next time.

Here is bolognese pasta

The other pasta: pepperoncini pasta with pork and cabbage.


Name: Cucina itarian Upuraya

TEL: 098-936-6901

Chatan hamagawa 110

Hours: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Holiday: Tue.

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August 3, 2011

Mango Season

In Okinawa, Mango season starts from beginning of July and finishes on August.

When mango season starts, price is bit expensive, around 600-1000 JPN yen with middle- large size of mango. Yes, I know this price is expensive comparing with mango from Taiwan or Philippine.

Normally I buy one or two of middle size Mangoes on July to contribute local farmers and wait until the end of Mango season. Mangoes price goes down, half price or sometimes 100 Yen sale in the end of Mango season. You should check out 'Onnna no Eki'(Onna local farmers market) constantly in the end of Mango season and enjoy Mango.

Name: Onna no eki.

Address: 恩納村字仲泊1656-9 (Onna nakadomari 1656-9)

Hours: 10:00-19:00

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July 31, 2011

Taco rice with Omlette

Probably you can learn quickly what is taco rice after you move to Okinawa. Here is more info. Taco rice is okinawa local food, using rice instead of flour tortilla.

Traditional Taco rice place is many near Kin area. Today I would like to introduce the Omu-Taco (Taco rice rolled with eggs like Omlette).

If you drive up north from campus, pass city hall and ANA hotel. You can find small diving shop(Benthos diving) and the 2nd floor is famous Omu-taco shop, called Kijimu-na.

You can order Omu-Taco with some toppings. Today I chose corn. Avocado, bacon etc you can choose.

When you add drink and french fry, price is around 1000 JPN Yen. You can order large size of Omu-taco with 100 JPN Yen additional.

You can find Kijimu-na at Chatan and Maeda cape as well. Enjoy Omu-taco.

Name: Kijimuna (きじむなあ)
TEL: 098-966-8389

Address: 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村瀬良垣475 2F (Onnna-son Seragaki475 2nd Floor of Benthos divers)
Parking is ocean side.

Hours: 12:00-21:00
Holiday: Sun during winter time.

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July 14, 2011

Nice chinese cafe for lunch

If you want to eat Chinese but also want to enjoy coffee and sweets.
'Cafe & Bar One' in Okinawa city is one spot for lunch.

There are some toys for kids. So family friendly as well. I saw the other two family when I visited.

Lunch set is around 1,000 JPN Yen. Appetizer, soup, salad and main dish. This day we can choose chicken or fish.
In addition these, sweets and coffee were served.
Good volume. If you need more volume you can get large size of main dish with additional 200 JPN Yen for men.

Nice appetizer and salad.

I chose chicken for main.

Cafe is the 2nd floor.

Name: Cafe & Bar one (カフェ&バー ワン)
TEL: 098-975-8828

Address: 沖縄市泡瀬3丁目43-32 2F (Okinawa city Awase 3 43-32 2nd floor)
[Mon-Fri] 11:30-22:00
[Sat] 11:30~1:00am

Holiday: Sunday

June 12, 2011

Napoli Pizza place Pizzeria Il Piccolino [CLOSED]

[Unfortunately CLOSED]
In Onna village, it is not easy to find non tourist place and non okinawa food.
Pizzeria Il Piccolino serves nice Napolli Pizza with affordable price.

Probably in Tokyo we have to pay more than 1500 JPN Yen for pizza, but 1000 JPN Yen with drink, salad, and dessert in Piccolino. Yes this is Okinawa price.

Pizza Margarita Simple is the best

You can see the oven.

Restaurant is bit back side(mountain side) of 58. It is easy to miss. Drive slowly before moon beach. It was back of McDonald, but no McDonald now, only empty flat space.

Pizzeria Il Piccolino


沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字前兼久149 (Onnna maeganeku 149)




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June 8, 2011

Kitone Ichi

One of excited local event is 'Kitone Ichi' in Yomitan area. Kitone Ichi is held three times a year (Spring, summer, and fall)and kind of local bazaar or local crafts and food market(but few farmer's product). Mainly you can buy local crafts and local cafe food, mostly healthy and organic etc.

I can see a lot of Hippie style okinawa local people, so I felt I 'm in somewhere San Francisco.

You can see information in the URL, but Japanese. Probably you can see advertise paper in Masoho cafe one or two week before Kitone ichi is held.

Last time Kitone Ichi was held in Zappa cape park.

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Nice cafe near Mihama, Seaside cafe by TAKAYA

I'm looking for nice cafe space near Mihama area, and one of my friends recommended SeaSide cafe. The location is little bit south of Mihama JUSCO area. Back side of main road around Mihama and in front of the ocean. Nice and quiet area.

We ordered today's special, lasagna, and cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich(bread is Baguette).
Both are great taste and enough volume.

I believe price is around 1000 JPN Yen, including drink.
People use computer, so it might be WiFi available.

Name: Seaside Cafe by TAKAYA
Telephone: 098-989-5208
Address: 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北前1-16-9 (chyatan cho kitamae 1-16-9)
OPEN: 9am -9pm
Holiday: Tue.


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