July 14, 2011

Nice chinese cafe for lunch

If you want to eat Chinese but also want to enjoy coffee and sweets.
'Cafe & Bar One' in Okinawa city is one spot for lunch.

There are some toys for kids. So family friendly as well. I saw the other two family when I visited.

Lunch set is around 1,000 JPN Yen. Appetizer, soup, salad and main dish. This day we can choose chicken or fish.
In addition these, sweets and coffee were served.
Good volume. If you need more volume you can get large size of main dish with additional 200 JPN Yen for men.

Nice appetizer and salad.

I chose chicken for main.

Cafe is the 2nd floor.

Name: Cafe & Bar one (カフェ&バー ワン)
TEL: 098-975-8828

Address: 沖縄市泡瀬3丁目43-32 2F (Okinawa city Awase 3 43-32 2nd floor)
[Mon-Fri] 11:30-22:00
[Sat] 11:30~1:00am

Holiday: Sunday

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