March 26, 2011

Kanasa, coffee break at outlet mall

When you get tired shopping at the Ashibina outlet mall, we need coffee break. In the mall, there are food court at the 2nd floor, but outside of food court there is one nice quiet sweet and coffee shop, named Kanasa.
Kanako is brown sugar sweet shop, we can taste brown sugar ice cream, cream puff or jello. and inside of shop, there are cafe space, serving nice coffee.

Cake in cafe space is bit expensive, but you can order cream puff/brown sugar Jello from showcase and taste with coffee.

And secret outside space is also available.

Mame: Kokutou-Kanasa
Zip 901-0225
沖縄県豊見城市字豊崎1-188 (Tomigusuku toyosaki)

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Zen. Healthy Okinawa Food restaurant

I would like to say 'Zen' is one of the best okinawa food restaurant. I recommend to go for lunch. Good quality, volume and price.

You can choose meat or fish and price is 980 JPN Yen, including green tea ice cream. In this time, I selected chicken and my wife selected fish. Both mains makes us full. we both were satisfied at quality and volume.

We can order Zen's bento (600 JPN Yen) every two weeks through our mailing list as well.

Name: 膳 (Zen)

沖縄県中頭郡読谷村瀬名波628 (Yomitan village senaha 628)
In front of bus terminal

Hours:12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00(lo)
Holiday: Tue, and third Wed.

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March 8, 2011

Namizou (Ramen noodle) in Naha.

It is not easy to find good Ramen noodle in Okinawa.
Namizou is one option to get good one.

Noodle type is different by soup.
Thin type noodle is with salt soup and fat type noodle is with Namizou or soysource soup.

Here is more photos.

Name:らあめん 波蔵 (Nami zou)


沖縄県那覇市辻2-28-9 (Naha tsuzi)

Hours: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00
Holiday: Mon

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Awesome dimsum in Naha

I'm looking for nice Dimsum restaurant in Okinawa. JAL hotel Alivila in Yomitan is one option but a bit expensive (Lunch time is around 2500 JPN Yen. Served with Dimsum wagon car is nice). And I've heard very nice street type 小龍包(Shou ron Pau) in Naha. Finally, I visited this small street restaurant in Sakae machi Market. Taste was awesome.
I used to live in Taiwan for 2 years. and this restaurant style is like street restaurant in Taiwan and taste as well.

I preferred 焼餃子 than 小龍包. The other customers ordered side menu. Those all looked nice. I'll order side menu as well.

Price is around 500 JPN Yen for 8 piece.
Restaurant is open from 6:30pm, but restaurant until 7:30pm is crowded. After 7:30pm, we can use tables in street because neighbor stores are close. The following map information is not perfect. I recommend you walk inside of market and find people who eat outside.


焼餃子(Pan fried dumpling)

手づくり餃子の店 べんり屋 (Benri Ya)


沖縄県那覇市字安里388(Naha asato 388)
栄町市場内 (Sakae machi market)



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Cafe Nanairo no kaze (七色の風)

Cafe is located in beautiful and calm area in Yomitan village.

You have healthy Japanese meal with this scenery.

Lunch price is 1280-1580 JPN.

Name: カフェ 七色の風 (Cafe Nana iro no Kaze)
TEL: 090-3797-3022

Address: 読谷村座喜味板針原2511-2 (Yomitan zakimi itabarihara)


Holidays: Mon and Tue.