May 27, 2012

Dos manos. Yes Mexican

My wife loves Mexican food, specially Beans but We can't discover good Mexican restaurant in Okinawa. Well, I know Taco rice is popular in Okinawa and some Tacos restaurants in Okinawa, but those taste are already modified for Japanese. I would like to taste salsa source without Ketchup but with coriander and lime.

She got blog information about Good Mexican restaurant near Koza. So we drove to Koza area. We ordered Enchilada Combo and Tamale (Yes they have Tamale). Plain quesadilla for my son.
 Combo was pretty good volume. If you are not hungry, you can share with two. or additional one tacos etc.
Taste is good and not oily at all. Beans, fresh guacamole and rice are perfect side for us. We love Tacos and enchilada, of course.
No MSG kind of artificial flavor (Sometime good mexican in US has those flavor and makes me thirsty).

I have to say, missing things are Lime and salsa bar. and maybe cheviche and stripe stew in Menu.  or and fish tacos. We definitely repeat this mexican restaurant and order the other menu.

You can park at coin parking in front of restaurant with 100 Yen discount ticket from shop. or you can park at bit far but get 1 hour discount coupon.

Name: Dos manos
Address: 904-0004 沖縄県沖縄市中央1-3-15 (Okinawa city Chuo 1-3-15)
Tell: 098-989-8815
Hour: Noon -
Holiday: Tue/Wed

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Toto La Bebe Hamburger

When I drove to the Aquarium, I saw cats signs of hamburger shop. I didn't try this new shop for long time, but I got some good taste information. I decided to go there, named 'Toto La bebe.'

When I saw the menu, I was very excited because they are using Okinawan ingredients and sound tasty. They baked hamburger buns, smoked bacon and handmaded pickles and source. Huh, I never saw this kind of picky burger shop. I know some Ramen noodle shops are very picky now.

I ordered Toto la pepe special burger (800? Yen) and french fries (150 Yen addition). See below photo. Looks good! French fries are also not frozen fries. Looks (and Taste) Five-guys fries in US. Source has some ginger /mustard/ spice flavor I think.  If you don't like this kind of flavor, you should confirm them.  I have to say this is not usual US burger. If you want to eat old and usual style, you should go to Godys or Jetta burger around Chatan.

   Anyway I 'm very happy to stop by this hamburger shop again when my friends visit Okinawa. And I 'll try sweets as well next time.

Name: Toto La Bebe Hamberger
TEL: 0980-47-5400
Address: 国頭群 本部町崎本部16 (Motobu cho Saki motobu 16)
Hours: 11:00-18:00
Holiday: Thu.

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