March 9, 2014

And new gelato place, ready for summer ?

you can easily be knocked down from this photo.
Haha, looks good----.

There are two size, normal and kid. Both size you can select three flavor. Only volume is different. I think even kids size is enough for me.

I think following photo is normal size. I ordered pistachio (This is best), mango and raspberry?This gelato is better than An Ishigaki Gelato, where is one best one for me.

Please follow the Lily sign from route 449 toward Aquarium. You have to drive 2-3 mins on last small dust off-road.

We 'll stop by when we go to aquarium. Nice terrace seat as well.

Name: Gelato Cafe Lily
Address: 沖縄県名護市字屋部918 (918 Yabu Nago City)


New Pizza spot nea Cape Zanpa

We knew new pizza place opened near Zappa, but we didn't try 1 month. but my wife found beautiful pizza picture from this new place. We decided to go.
Pizza place name is 'Maruki'.

Our impression is awesome.  we Definitely repeat to get pizza. Probably best pizza in the middle area of Okinawa after Picorino was gone.

Soup and appetizer is OK, but we are very satisfied with the size of Pizza and taste.
Lunch is 1000 JPN Yen.

Name: Maruki
Hour: 11:30-15:30, 17:30-22:00
Holiday: Tue.
Address: 沖縄県読谷村瀬名波230 (230 Senaha Yomitan)

Traditional Okinawa sweet and healthy in Yomitan

This is walking distance from my home.
It used to traditional Okinawa Shoten. (Local grocery). but it was changed to local sweet shop. Local grand mother (Obaa-) cooked traditional Okinawa sweet as healthy sweets.
Price is cheap, from 100 JPN - 300 JPN. Local kid usually stop by to get snack.

I recommend to stop by when you go to Toya fishing port at Yomitan.
From web information, Only Sunday is open. It might be open on Saturday.

Name: Toya Shoka
TEL: 098-956-9004
Address: 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村都屋410 (410 Toya Yomitan )
11:00-18:00 Only Sunday open


Italian at Urasoze La Vita

Long time I didn't update.

Here is one good italian at Urazoe, Named 'La Vita'.
Pretty crowded during lunch time. I recommend to reserve for lunch. They accept lunch reservation.

I ordered fish main lunch and my wife order pasta lunch, oil base. (We can select tomato, oil base from pasta lunch)
We felt very nice vegetable taste in appetizer and sidedish from main dish. We loved this place.

Here are photos.

Fish main

Pasta main

Price is around 1000 -1300 JPN Yen, including coffee or tea.
We added one sweets after meal, I think additional 350 Yen. Gato chocola wasn't that sweet. So we can enjoy all.
Little bit far from our home, but we definitely repeat this restaurant.

 cafe Restaurant La Vita(カフェレストラン ラヴィータ )

沖縄県浦添市港川2-15-3 No.31 (2-15-3 No31 Minato gawa Urasoe city)