March 9, 2014

Traditional Okinawa sweet and healthy in Yomitan

This is walking distance from my home.
It used to traditional Okinawa Shoten. (Local grocery). but it was changed to local sweet shop. Local grand mother (Obaa-) cooked traditional Okinawa sweet as healthy sweets.
Price is cheap, from 100 JPN - 300 JPN. Local kid usually stop by to get snack.

I recommend to stop by when you go to Toya fishing port at Yomitan.
From web information, Only Sunday is open. It might be open on Saturday.

Name: Toya Shoka
TEL: 098-956-9004
Address: 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村都屋410 (410 Toya Yomitan )
11:00-18:00 Only Sunday open


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