March 9, 2014

And new gelato place, ready for summer ?

you can easily be knocked down from this photo.
Haha, looks good----.

There are two size, normal and kid. Both size you can select three flavor. Only volume is different. I think even kids size is enough for me.

I think following photo is normal size. I ordered pistachio (This is best), mango and raspberry?This gelato is better than An Ishigaki Gelato, where is one best one for me.

Please follow the Lily sign from route 449 toward Aquarium. You have to drive 2-3 mins on last small dust off-road.

We 'll stop by when we go to aquarium. Nice terrace seat as well.

Name: Gelato Cafe Lily
Address: 沖縄県名護市字屋部918 (918 Yabu Nago City)


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