May 16, 2011

Small cafe near Naha Market (Kokusai street)

When you walk Kokusai street at Naha, You need a rest. We try to find nice cafe around there, but I always give up and jump into this small cafe, called Chatan Coffee. Space is small but they serve very nice coffee. (Unfortunately they don't have sweets. so I can get sugar to recover from tired.) When I go to this cafe, I buy coffee beans as well to brew at home.

If you know good cafe around Kokusai Dori, let me know. I'll check it out next time.

2 tables outside and small counter inside.

My wife ordered 'Asian tea'. and my kid loved this tea because many fruits.

You can find this sign near Market.

cafe street CHATAN COFFEE (カフェストリート チャタンコーヒー)


沖縄県那覇市松尾2-9-7 (Naha city Matsuo 2-9-7)


No holiday

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Udon & Tempura at Naha

In Japan, you can find 4 kinds of noodle; Ramen noodle, Udon, Soba, and Okinawa soba.
There are many Okinawa soba restaurants in Okinawa, but few Udon noodle.

One choice to get cheap Udon noodle is 'Hanamaru Udon' at JASCO food court. Price is around 2-300 JPN Yen and quick. You should try.

If you want to get more sophisticated Udon(Sanuki) and Tenpura. 'Sanuki Menten' at Naha is one spot I recommend. You can stop by when you go to San A Naha main city.
Sanuki Udon noodle is one of major noodle in Japan. Noodle itself is bit tough but enjoy texture and soup.

Udon with Tempura set is around 800 JPN Yen. You can select hot or cold noodle. I recommend cold soup noodle and additional shrimp tempura, cost 880 JPN Yen.

Inside restaurant is pretty clean but not big. Counter table and 2 large tables.
I 've heard Italian restaurant at 2nd floor in the same building is also good. I'll try it later.

Name:Sanuki Menten さぬき麺天
TEL: 098-863-6207

沖縄県那覇市銘苅1-2-17 1F (Nana city, Mekaru 1-2-17)


Holiday: Monday

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May 4, 2011

Gyudon Beef bowl

Gyudon (Beef bowl) is one of traditional Japanese fast food. Yoshinoya is the famous chain restaurant. You can find Yoshinoya in the food court in JUSCO(AEON) mall (Gushikawa, and Chatan etc).

If you want to try non-Yoshinoya Gyudon beef bowl, I suggest you should try it in Kashiwaya Bento shop in Yomitan.
Taste is a bit sweeter than Yoshinoya but I like it. Price is 400 JPN Yen. Kashiwaya has the pork miso soup with rice (350 JPN Yen). Pretty good volume.

Name:Kashiwaya Bentoshop
Address:沖縄県読谷村字波平1905−3(Yomitan namihira 1905-3)


Hour: from 11:30am- till around 1pm
Close: Sunday, maybe Saturday

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