May 16, 2011

Small cafe near Naha Market (Kokusai street)

When you walk Kokusai street at Naha, You need a rest. We try to find nice cafe around there, but I always give up and jump into this small cafe, called Chatan Coffee. Space is small but they serve very nice coffee. (Unfortunately they don't have sweets. so I can get sugar to recover from tired.) When I go to this cafe, I buy coffee beans as well to brew at home.

If you know good cafe around Kokusai Dori, let me know. I'll check it out next time.

2 tables outside and small counter inside.

My wife ordered 'Asian tea'. and my kid loved this tea because many fruits.

You can find this sign near Market.

cafe street CHATAN COFFEE (カフェストリート チャタンコーヒー)


沖縄県那覇市松尾2-9-7 (Naha city Matsuo 2-9-7)


No holiday

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