May 4, 2011

Gyudon Beef bowl

Gyudon (Beef bowl) is one of traditional Japanese fast food. Yoshinoya is the famous chain restaurant. You can find Yoshinoya in the food court in JUSCO(AEON) mall (Gushikawa, and Chatan etc).

If you want to try non-Yoshinoya Gyudon beef bowl, I suggest you should try it in Kashiwaya Bento shop in Yomitan.
Taste is a bit sweeter than Yoshinoya but I like it. Price is 400 JPN Yen. Kashiwaya has the pork miso soup with rice (350 JPN Yen). Pretty good volume.

Name:Kashiwaya Bentoshop
Address:沖縄県読谷村字波平1905−3(Yomitan namihira 1905-3)


Hour: from 11:30am- till around 1pm
Close: Sunday, maybe Saturday

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