December 1, 2012

Taiwan noodle Restaurant

If you want to miss Asian or Taiwan taste noodle instead of Japanese Ramen or Okinawa Soba, this taiwanese Noodle restaurant is your next stop.

We ordered Beef broth soup Taiwan noodle and roasted pork noodle with rice and sweets.
We smelled the star anise from Beef broth soup. This is the same as real Taiwan beef noodle. No hot spice was added but we can add by ourself.

Roasted pork noodle is also smooth soup and rice crispy roasted noodle.
As sweet, candied sweet potato. My son loved this potato. We are pretty full. Nice volume and price is 980 Yen for lunch set.

(Dumpling taste was OK when we tried this restaurant for 2nd try.)
We 'll repeat this restaurant when we are hungry.

Taiwan Menya Ho-ya (台湾麺屋HO―JA)
3-1-12 Mihama Chyatan cho Zip 904-0115

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