July 31, 2010

Boulangerie Otonari Ya at Yomitan

I gradually introduce cafes, restaurants, and bakeries around here.

As first bakery, I'm grad to introduce my favorite bakery 'Otonari Ya', which means my neighborhood in Japanese.
Young couple manage this small bakery shop.
This bakery has hard bread, 30%? rye breads, french baquettes and Danishes. I like Danishes at Pan de Kaito in Nago, but the others I like at this bakery.

Here are photos.

読谷村瀬名波633-2(yomitan senaha) ZIP:904-0325
Open Hour: 10:00am-
Holiday: Thursday and Sunday

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Mango 100-200 JPN Yen.

I visited "Onna no Eki" early Saturday morning.
Many Mangoes are on sale, 100-200 JPN Yen.
Those are little bit black spots but the same taste. I bought three mangoes.

If you are mango lovers, you should stop by "Onna no Eki" this week end or next week.
Mango season will be over soon.

July 24, 2010

Bring lunch box into Cafeteria?

I've been asked, Is it OK to bring lunch box(you made) into cafeteria?
Based on previous communication with cafe owner, the answer is Yes.

For example,
your friend buy a sandwich at cafe and you bring in your own lunch. Then you guys can eat together at cafeteria.
you buy the bento box from the other store and you can eat in cafeteria.
From cafe owner's view, he feels happy if you buy something at cafe.

Cafe space is open to all. You should consider cafe space is the same as the other open space in the Lab building.

Microwave is also available. You can heat up your food.
We have new menu from next week. Enjoy!

July 21, 2010

Cafeteria Opens.

Finally new cafeteria opens. Cafeteria was less crowded than I expected. It looks everything goes smooth.
Opening-day gifts from cafe owner were a coupon for free premium coffee and free fruit plate.

Here is the other food from Menu, Okinawa Pork Sausage Hot dog.

Well, probably each has each opinion about menu, price and opening hour. We plan to have online survey of your opinion around the beginning of Aug.

you can watch the short video of the cafeteria scene.

July 8, 2010

Blog start.?!

Well, I decided to write cafe information here to share information. I would like to try to add post at least every week.

Probably this blog will finish when we feel it isn't important.

If you have any questions etc, please type in comments area.
Don't complain my/our poor English.

Expected posting information is:
Cafeteria information on campus.
New cafe information around campus.
Cafe/restaurant/food information around campus or in Okinawa to share.