September 26, 2012

One of the best pastries in okinawa. oHacorte, bit pricy though.

I knew this pastry, oHacorte,  looks tasty from photos, but I couldn't try it for the long time in Okinawa. This is because the place seems to be located around complicated region and unknown region for me.

Recently I realized new branch shop was opened near Naha Airport. Finally I can go.
Taste is promised from the looks of tart. I can't see this kind of beauty of sweets in Okinawa. But I was surprised the price of tart cakes. At least 600 JPN Yen for each tart. Like Tokyo price. I should understand this price because nice fruits are top on the tart.

I chose peach tart and seasonal fruit tart. and cheese tart for kids.
I like taste but I prefer the round size of tart which I ate at my friend birthday from this shop.
If you are not satisfied the quality of sweets in Okinawa, you should visit there. Their taste makes you happy.

Cake box is also cute.

oHacorte Oroku Branch (オハコルテ 小禄)

1-4-1 Akamine Naha city, Okinawa( 沖縄県那覇市赤嶺1-4-1)

Hour 10:30-20:00

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