July 19, 2014

Local store in Yomita

There used to be many local community stores, called 商店 or 共同売店 in Okinawa before convenience stores come. But gradually those disappear because convenience stores are 24 hours and cheaper and community stores' owners become older.
If you go to the North Okinawa, you still find those local community stores, and those are essential for local life. You should stop by and say hello to owners, Local grand father and mother.

In Yomitan, there is few survive local store. Ikeshiro store is one of them. This store is still famous in local. Weekend and weekend lunch time, this store is pretty crowded. Good Bento, Japanese Beef stew, Pig feet Tebichi, and Salted pork (Su-tica) are Good. And of course, grand mother shows you her smile. You should chat with them when they are not busy time.

address: 沖縄県中頭郡読谷村字喜名478 (478 kitna yomitan)
Telephone: 098-958-4114