May 27, 2012

Toto La Bebe Hamburger

When I drove to the Aquarium, I saw cats signs of hamburger shop. I didn't try this new shop for long time, but I got some good taste information. I decided to go there, named 'Toto La bebe.'

When I saw the menu, I was very excited because they are using Okinawan ingredients and sound tasty. They baked hamburger buns, smoked bacon and handmaded pickles and source. Huh, I never saw this kind of picky burger shop. I know some Ramen noodle shops are very picky now.

I ordered Toto la pepe special burger (800? Yen) and french fries (150 Yen addition). See below photo. Looks good! French fries are also not frozen fries. Looks (and Taste) Five-guys fries in US. Source has some ginger /mustard/ spice flavor I think.  If you don't like this kind of flavor, you should confirm them.  I have to say this is not usual US burger. If you want to eat old and usual style, you should go to Godys or Jetta burger around Chatan.

   Anyway I 'm very happy to stop by this hamburger shop again when my friends visit Okinawa. And I 'll try sweets as well next time.

Name: Toto La Bebe Hamberger
TEL: 0980-47-5400
Address: 国頭群 本部町崎本部16 (Motobu cho Saki motobu 16)
Hours: 11:00-18:00
Holiday: Thu.

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