December 3, 2011

Okinawa soba near 3A main city at Naha new capital

It's not easy to find good restaurant near Naha new capital area.
One of my recommendation is the Udon and Tempura shop. Good quality of Tempura.

Here is the other restaurant, good for family. Free noodle for kids and free rice(Ju-cy-) during lunch time.

Restaurant outside (building )itself is prefabricated house, you can usual see at the contraction field. It looks old, weird, and not clean. But inside is clean and taste is good. Waiters are all smile and good attitude. I feel good atmosphere even this is the first time.

Here is outside

Inside is clean and you can see alot of famous signatures.

Soup is very clear, and not oily. not salty. I like this kind of clear and smooth style of Okinawa soba. It similar to 'Miyoya' in Kidana.
Noodle was served afeter 2 min we ordered. very quick.

Free ju-cy(rice) and kid noodle is good for family. and price is very reasonable (500-700JPN Yen).

Name: Kenba- no Subaya けんぱーのすばやー

TEL: 098-869-9281
Address: 沖縄県那覇市おもろまち4-9-11 (Naha city Omoromachi 4-9-11)

Hour: 11:00-19:00

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