August 25, 2011

Okinawa noodle and pork katsu

In summer time, famous okinawa noodle shops are crowded by tourist during Lunch time. I don't want to wait for lunch. Miyo Ya is one choice. Not famous and not crowded, but tasty. Actually we repeated several times last two months. If you like non-oily soup for noodle, this is one choice for you. (Bansho tei is the other choice.)

I ordered Pork katsu set, including noodle, rice, and pork Katsu. around 700 JPN Yen. Cheap!

Inside is pretty clean and new.

Name: Miyo ya

Address:沖縄県中頭郡嘉手納町嘉手納463-13 (Kadena cho Kadena 463-13)

Holiday: Tue

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