September 2, 2011

Thai food in Okinawa City

We went to thai restaurant in Okinawa City. I would like to introduce here, named Aridoi!

Waiter brought spices after we ordered food. This style is pretty following what we had in Thailand.

We order Pattai and chicken fried rice which my son wants to eat.
Pattai taste is not that sweet in normal US Thai restaurant.
Pretty good authentic taste and I like it. Volume of food is also enough for us.

Fried rice. Well, this is pretty normal.

Price is around 1000 JPN Yen for lunch, including free drink and soup.

Definitely we 'll repeat and order curry and the other menu next time.

Name: Aridoi
アリドイ タイレストラン


Address: Okinawa city takahara 4-19-1



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  1. I perfer this to curcuma. Although curcuma has a fantastic view.