December 3, 2011

Kitchen Furuya near Maeda Cape

If you want to eat heavy french style lunch but you don't want to pay a lot at hotel, Kitchen furuya is the best option near Maeda cape. Price is around 1000-1200JPN Yen. and you can enjoy food as well. Sheff owner runs this small restaurant by himself. It bit difficult to find this restaurant because location is not at main road 6, you have to drive the small street and the restaurant sign was broken on the way to there.

We ordered beef stroganoff and fish course. Both includes salad, rice/bread and sweats with coffee/tea. Course menu includes small pasta with local veg. Of course, beef stroganoff and main fish were good. I liked sweets (Pannacotta) as well.
For us, taste is bit heavy and oily. we can't go to Furuya every week, but definitely we will repeat here.

Space is not big. Table is bit higher than normal. So not kids friendly.

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  1. Do you have a map or directions to this restaurant?