October 8, 2011

Beer in Okinawa

Beer in Okinawa is dominated by Orion beer, typical Japanese lager beer. Light, smooth and not strong hop taste. Good summer beer and good combination with Japanese fishy meal. Price is around 200 JPN Yen, same as the other major Japanese beer companies, Kirin and Asahi.

If you want to get cheap beer, you can get different tax category beer, called Happoshu.

Bit expensive and popular beer is Yebisu beer. When you are international flight to Japan, probably you can see most Japanese business men order Yebisu beer instead of Kirin and Asahi.

There are few local small brewery in Okinawa. Probably most famous one is 石垣島ビール Ishigaki island Beer.

If you miss Pale Ale beer in Japan, Yona Yona Ale might be famous. You can order it from amazon or the other online.

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