August 10, 2010

Okinawa soba with ocean view

Between Kadena and Yomitan, there is one Okinawa soba shop with ocean view. Nakamura Soba is quite popular in Onna village, but if you want to eat noodle in the quiet place with your partner, this is pretty nice place. Shop atmosphere is more like cafe rather than soba shop.

Price is 600 JPN Yen for normal size. For me, pretty enough size. For female, small size (400 JPN Yen) might be good.
Noodle itself is straight and soup is OK. little bit salty for me.

Unfortunately, rainy day. It should be better view.

This is the sign from outside.

Shop Name: 海が見えるそば家 (うみがみえるそばや)
Umiga mieru Sobaya. Soba shop where you can see the ocean.

Address:嘉手納町水釜6-25-13(Kadena mizugama)
Open Hour:11:00~18:00
Holiday: Monday

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