October 30, 2010

Le pattisier Jyo-gi

It is not easy to find good cake store in North or middle of Okinawa. Often I went to go south to check out Sweets.

Le Patissier Yog-gi is one of few good patestory in Okinawa.
When you go to 新都心(Shin toshin; new capital), you should stop by and pick up sweets. I didn't buy 新都心ロール(Shin toshin Role). Size of this role is huge!

Name:Le patissier jyo-gi (ル パティシエ ジョーギ)


那覇市安謝2-3-10 (Naha city, Aja)

Open Hour:10:00~20:30
Holiday: 4th Wed.

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