October 5, 2010

Local restaurant in Toya's fishing port

If you want to eat fresh sea food and nice and cheap, here is place to go.

Local fish Sashimi Plate 1000 JPN yen

Seafood Don 1000 JPN Yen

Fish soup and Rice 600 JPN Yen

You can order the other Tuna Don(マグロ丼) around 500 JPN Yen and 天ぷら(Fried fish, squeed, or see weed. 50 JPN Yen each)

Of course, You can buy local fish. If you want to see the fish auction, go to Toya fishing port around 10 am. Almost everyday fish auction is held. Comparing to Tokyo Tsukiji fish auction, very small but still fun to see. Sometimes bycatched sea turtle is on the boat as well.

Name:いゆの店(Iyu no mise)
TEL: 098-956-3774

Address: 読谷村字都屋33 (Yomitan Toya)
Hour: 10am - 6pm

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