December 20, 2010

Healthy Bento Order & Delivery from Jan!!

We are happy to announce we can order and deliver Zen's healthy bento (600 JPN Yen) on every 2nd Friday and 4th Friday.
Zen's web site is

This delivery will start from Jan 14th, 2011
As the first order,
You can order thought the following online.

Here is more detail
Delivery date:
2nd and 4th Friday (Around 10am at the package reception room)

Monday 5pm of those Friday weeks

600 JPN Yen (rice and 6 vegetables and 1 main (fish or meat))

The way to order:
Through URL from mailing list.

You have to put your money to the envelope at the package reception room (B floor) by 3pm Thursday.

If you don't subscribe this, please send email to

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