September 17, 2010

Chinese in Okinawa 1

There are fewer Chinese restaurant in the middle and north of Okinawa than I thought. My friend recommended a couple of Chinese restaurants near Onna-son village.

東洋飯店 Toyo Hanten (北谷 Chatan)
孔雀楼 Kujyaku Rou (宜野湾 Ginowan)
龍鳳聚 RyuHouShu (石川 Ishikawa)

Today I went to the first one in the list, 東洋飯店 Toyo Hanten. This restaurant is located among road 58, little bit north of Mihama. So you can't miss this restaurant. We visited there during lunch time. Cost around 900-1200 JPN Yen. All lunch time menu includes salad bar, drink bar and fruit. There are Tatami space as well.

I ordered Beef noodle. Good but bit oily. Taste and spice were pretty similar with what I ate in Taiwan. (牛肉麺) I like it.

Name 東洋飯店 北谷店
Address 904-0112 沖縄県北谷町浜川8-5 (Chatan Hamakawa)
TEL 098-936-4026


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