January 10, 2011

Pao at Onnna no Eiki

My son's favorite sweets is 'Pou pou' (traditional Okinawa sweets), looks like rolled pancake.
Pao (包) at Onnna no Eki has two choice of flavor; brown sugar or brown sugar with ginger.

You can enjoy bit sweets of this Pou Pou. Don't expect many sugar.

If you order coffee with Pou pou, you can get discount. Two pou pou s and coffee is 380 JPN Yen. Good price and good kids snack.

Pou Pou: 100 JPN
Coffee: 200 JPN Yen. (180 JPN yen with Pou Pou)

Name: Pao (包 おんなの駅店 (パオ) )

沖縄県恩納村仲泊1656-9 おんなの駅
(Nakadomari Onnna)


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