May 4, 2013

Bistro @ Shintoshin Naha

I gave up to find nice casual Bistro at Okinawa. but here it is. Named Monmartre. Nice casual and friendly bistro. I like it.

I didn't make reservation for lunch. Surprisingly inside restaurant was full before noon. So we sat the terrace seat. For us it was better to have outside seat because kids are screaming sometime :-). We visited during the Golden week, but I recommend to call restaurant before you go and ask how today is, crowded or not.

Parking place is difficult to find.  You should get in and park the next building parking shortly and ask a waiter. or if you don't want to park small parking lot, you can park DFS and walk to restaurant.

Weekend lunch is from 1980 Yen with appetizer, soup, main dish, and dessert plus drink. Probably weekday lunch have cheaper one, but we recommend 1980 Yen lunch if you drive the long distance from Onna or yomitan. 

I took steak photo after I ate 2-3 bites. I forgot to took. Steak is bigger than this photo.

ビストロモンマルトル (Bistro Montmartre)

 沖縄県那覇市字真嘉比251-2 エリタージュK 1F  (Naha makabi 251-2)

Hour 11:30-14:00 18:00-24:00


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