May 4, 2013

BACAR Nice napoli pizza around Naha

We miss napoli pizza around Onna area after picolino gone.
 We tried nice pizza restaurant at Naha. Yes, if you want to eat delicious one, you have to drive to south.

Restaurant name is 'Bacar'. Famous pizza restaurant at Naha.
Lunch service is only weekday. so I can't make it for the long time. During spring break, we went to the BACAR during lunch time service.
Restaurant is small. So I recommend to go there opening time 11:30 am for the lunch time.

Price is around 1200 Yen with soup, pizza and drink. or 1500 Yen with pizza, soup, appetizer and drink.

You can easily see how delicious  all foods are. No explanation. Enjoy.

  BACAR OKINAWA (バカール オキナワ)

 沖縄県那覇市久茂地3-16-15 (Naha Kumochi 3-16-15)

Hour [Mon-Fri] 11:30-14:00 (L.O 13:30) ; 18:00-22:30(L.O)
[Sat. Sun] 18:00-22:30(L.O)

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