November 24, 2013

Donq and Calbee plus Near the Kokusahi Do-ri

When you visit the Kokusai-dori (street) or take friends to the Kokusai-Dori, where go you go or take friends?
Of course, Kosetsu Ichiba (the meat- fish market) is the famous spot. Probably you want to look for light snack to walk around there.

Usually I stop by the following shop.

One is bakery called, 'DONQ'. This is the famous chain bakery around Kobe. but only one shop in Okinawa. You should ckeck it out. The shop is the basement of Mitsukoshi Department. I normally buy the mini croissants. small and bit sweet taste so you can eat 3-4 easily. 

Next stop by Calbee plus shop.
Calbee is the famous Japanese potatochips company for kids snack. They can fly in front of us. so we can enjoy 'now hot' potato chips.

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