November 24, 2013

Tomato Noodle at Chatan

Long time I thought this is Hair Salon shop.  but I checked detail during driving. This is noodle shop. and I 've heard pretty tasty Ramen noodle. why not check it out.

When I enter the restaurant, I was very surprised. Quite popular of foreigner (I mean US military family). Except my family, all customers (4 familys) are non-Japanese. This means good English menu and good English waiter in the shop.

Two target noodle. One is Steak noodle, and the other is Vegi Tomato Noodle (Yes for Vegitarian)
This time I ordered Tomato noodle. I like the deep soup taste and noodle itself.
After I ate noodle part, I remained the tomato soup.  Then I order risotto rice and cheese, and mixed with this tomato soup. This risotto also I like.

My wife and kid order the normal Ramen Shoyu Noodel. This is also very smooth and perfect for kids or female.

Outside Kanba is this. Looks Japanese Hair salon !!
and driving way to park this shop is trick because new small road along 58 is now finished. You should drive into the small side road for Yoshino-Ya, then pass the Yoshino-Ya and park into this noodle shop parking place.
Enjoy the new type Ramen!  

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