June 21, 2012

Cold Noodle and dipping Noodle for summer

In summer, we don't want to eat the hot noodle in humid and sweaty Okinawa weather. We have the summer option for Okinawa soba or ramen noodle.

1. Cold Okinawa soba
Not all okinawa soba restaurants but at some restaurants you can find special summer menu, cold okinawa soba. We went to Miyo-ya and find special summer menu and I ordered dipping okinawa soba with sesame source. (the other choice is soy based source and Chinese source.)

2. Dipping Ramen noodle
Dipping ramen noodle becomes famous in Japan and as same as in Okinawa. Normally dipping noodle is wider and thicker to enjoy deep and thick soup. One of the famous dipping ramen noodle restaurant near Onna village is Gin-bee Noodle shop. I went to this restaurant around 11:30 am because always this restaurant is crowded.
I ordered large size of dipping noodle. Size choice is normal, large and special large. Noodle is like udon noodle, pretty wide and enough texture. Soup is strong fishy smell. If you don't like Katuo bushi (dried bonito flakes ) smell, I don't recommend you to go there. For japanese, pretty tasty. bit oil for me after eat all.

Name: Tsukemen Jinbee(つけ麺 ジンベエ)


Address:沖縄県沖縄市知花5-13-18(Okinawa city Chibana 5-13-18)



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