June 21, 2012

Okinawa Red Chili Paste and Oil (Taberu Ra-yu)

Do you like spice and hot?

Okinawa red chili pepper is famous in Japan. You can see the clear liquid (actually Awamori ) with Okinawa red chili pepper at Okinawa Soba restaurant, called 'Ko-re-gu-su'. This is a traditional Okinawan spice to enjoy Soba or the other okinawan food.

Recently, 'eatable' red chilli pepper paste oil (食べるラー油 taberu ra-yu) becomes famous through TV and as usual Okinawa souvenir shops follow this movement. You can easily find  his red chilli pepper paste in Onna no Eki. We call 'eatable' paste because this is not very hot and there are some crunchy garlic and vegy in the paste.

With this red chilli pepper paste oil, we eat Dumplings or stir-fly vegetables etc. Yummy.
Some people put this paste top on the steam white rice, but I never tried.

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